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Improving learning transfer when designing for complex skills

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Mirjam Neelen, Head of Global Learning Design & Learning Sciences at Novartis, will present at the upcoming Learning Technologies Autumn Forum on 13 October at ExCeL London, on learning transfer.


Mirjam Neelen joins the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum 2022 to talk about learning transfer.

In today’s workplace, complex skills are everywhere, from operating sophisticated machinery to carrying out demanding knowledge work. How can we best design learning solutions to help people master these skills?

The traditional approach is to chop the task into smaller units of skills, train for these individually, and rely on the individual to stitch them together into the complex whole that excellent performance requires. But this approach limits effective learning transfer.

In this session, Mirjam Neelen explores a different design approach, using concrete examples. We will discuss where you have complex skills in your organization and how you might change your design approach.

Mirjam Neelen’s conference session at LTAF 2022 covers:

  • Why a ‘divide and conquer’ doesn’t work for complex skills
  • The evidence from learning sciences for an alternative approach
  • Where are the complex skills in your organisation?
  • The practical steps you should take next

The Learning Technologies Autumn Forum takes place at ExCeL London on 13 October. The full conference programme is available from the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum website, along with details about the co-located Learning Technologies Autumn Forum exhibition.

Learning Technologies Autumn Forum conference tickets are £495 and free-of-charge for Learning Technologies conference delegates and Learning and Skills Group members. Tickets are available via the LTAF website.

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Mirjam Neelen
Head of Global Learning Design & Learning Sciences, Novartis

MirjamNeelenis currently Head of Global Learning Design & Learning Sciencesat Novartis. She has over 15 years of industry experience, working at a wide variety of companies. In her currentrole,she is responsible for the global learning design strategy and plan. Mirjamis a proud advocate forevidence-informed approaches tolearning experience design and has a collaborative blog with Paul A. Kirschner on Together, they have also published a book on evidence-informed learning experience design. She presentsabouther workregularly. She has completed an MSc in Learning Sciences, anMA in Psycholinguistics and a BA in Speech Therapy.