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Affirmity Launches New eLearning Course to Help Organizations Manage Unconscious Bias

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The self-paced, online training course will help employees recognize their personal biases and acquire strategies to mitigate their impact—creating a healthier, more productive work environment for everyone.

D&I specialist Affirmity has launched a new eLearning course to help organizations manage unconscious bias in the workplace
D&I specialist Affirmity has launched a new eLearning course to help organizations manage unconscious bias in the workplace  

Affirmity, a leading provider of workplace compliance and diversity and inclusion solutions working with U.S. federal contractors and a wide range of global businesses, has pooled its decades of expertise to create a new online training course to help manage unconscious bias.

With ongoing conversations on injustice and social division, Managing Unconscious Bias is a new course aimed at organizations interested in taking a proactive stance and tackling the issues faced by various social and identity groups. While acknowledging that some degree of unconscious bias is unavoidable even in the most forward-thinking businesses, the new course will help employees recognize how personal biases influence their behavior and offers strategies for managing those assumptions in their working lives.

“Organizational cultures that have seen sustained influence by unconscious bias, stereotypes and microaggressions can slowly become unhealthy, unproductive places to work,” explains Affirmity Diversity Advocate, Pamela Pujo. “We feel we have designed training that will help workers understand the issues without seeking to apportion the blame—we’ll show that though we can’t avoid our unconscious biases, we can recognize and counteract them.”

At 25 minutes in length, Managing Unconscious Bias is aimed at all employees regardless of seniority and industry and can be expanded with other essential diversity courses from Affirmity’s training catalog. The course can be configured using company branding and can be delivered using an organization’s existing learning management system (LMS) or can be hosted by Affirmity using the Instilled learning experience platform (LXP).

Affirmity’s courses are developed by a team of practicing HR professionals and experts in workplace diversity, and workplace-associated issues and law. The course’s learning objectives and chapters include: 

  • Differentiating between conscious and unconscious biases and their impact in the workplace

  • Recognizing stereotypes and their associated impacts

  • Recognizing microaggressions and micro-inequities

  • Acquiring strategies to mitigate unconscious bias and microaggression in the workplace

Learners will have the opportunity to test their understanding of the material and receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

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Affirmity, a former division of PeopleFluent, provides expert analysis, consulting, training, and software to optimize affirmative action and diversity and inclusion programs. Our team of experts delivers diversity metrics and data-driven insights to manage and mitigate risk. Drawing on 45 years of experience, we guide HR and compliance teams through diversity goal setting. Affirmity empowers leaders with tools and dashboards to measure progress, and we help clients capture and communicate the positive business impacts of diversity initiatives.

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