News stories from Learning Now tv in 2023

AI and learning vendors & practitioners

Learning Now tv | 18 Dec 2023

LNTV, Dec 21: How artificial intelligence will affect the work of vendors & practitioners; How to level up employee experience; Spotlight on the Australian Institute of Training and Development; Learning Spaces at Manchester University; Employer Branding with Toby Kheng; and the latest news with Rob Clarke.

State of upskilling and reskilling

Learning Now tv | 27 Nov 2023

LNTV, Nov 30: Alarming statistics from David James on upskilling and reskilling; Couzins and Paine on why the UK needs better managers; Thrive CLO, Helen Marshall explains why every organisation needs a CLO; a new 6-part series starts on Employee Experience Design; and Rob Clarke has the news.

Talent Health Index 2023 on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 24 Oct 2023

LNTV, Oct 26: Mike Bollinger summarises Cornerstone's latest report into the health of talent; Robin Hoyle and Emma Stenman look at learning design and how organisations engage with people on L&D activities beyond learning interventions; Nigel looks at live online events with Clair Madeley; Stella Collins concludes her series on the brain and learning; and Rob Clarke has the news.

Digital Learning Realities on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 25 Sep 2023

LNTV, Sep 28: David Perring joins LNTV with Fosway's latest report into the digital learning market; Sue Stockdale's journey to the North Pole and her work as an Executive Coach; Martin Baker's latest venture - The Charity Mentoring Network; Stella Collins continues her series on the brain and learning and Rob Clarke has a news round-up from the learning and performance sector.

LNTV, Aug 24: Measuring business impact

Learning Now tv | 21 Aug 2023

LNTV, Aug 24: Ajay Pangarkar joins Nigel Paine - from measuring 'interest' to measuring 'impact'; Martin Couzins reviews the latest report from Mind Tools; Stella Collins - Learning & The Brain; Sponge - sustainability in business processes; Bob Mosher’s series on Virtual Instruction to Increase Performance concludes; Robin Hoyle - ditching ‘soft skills’.

Learning In The Workplace 2023

Learning Now tv | 25 Jul 2023

LNTV, Jul 27: Lara Overton discusses the latest report from CIPD, 'Learning In The Workplace 2023'; We take a look at Bright Horizons which runs 1,000 nursery schools and why it won a Culture Pioneer Award. Plus, the Welsh Air Ambulance induction programme.

B-Corp for Learning Pool on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 22 May 2023

LNTV, May 25: Ben Betts talks about Learning Pool becoming a B-Corp; Stella Collins starts a new 6-part series on neuroscience for learning. Esther Redman from Woodgreen Pets Charity discusses the highly important topic of Reflection.

Redesigning work and learning at Marks & Spencer

Learning Now tv | 25 Apr 2023

LNTV, Apr 27: Simon Gibson, Group Head of Learning & Development at Marks & Spencer, discusses redesigning work, learning and culture; Martin Couzins looks at workers' views on the workplace. Plus: How to apply neuroscience and psychology for improved learning and training; Robin Hoyle in discussion with Will Thalheimer; and Rob Clarke talks to Donald Taylor ahead of Learning Technologies.

Hybrid working and remote learning on LNTV

Learning Now tv | 27 Mar 2023

LNTV, Mar 30: Gary Cookson discusses adapting people practices to support employees and the organisation; John Hinchliffe, Colin Corder Award winner, talks about his work supporting the L&D community; Ina Weinbauer-Heidel and Robin Hoyle discuss transfer of learning back in the workplace; plus Bob Mosher and Rob Clarke.

4-day week at Happy

Learning Now tv | 21 Feb 2023

LNTV, Feb 23: Henry Stewart discusses Happy’s transition to a 4-day week; learning culture transforms New Zealand Transport; Bob Mosher - new series; Plus LNTV regulars Robin Hoyle and Rob Clarke; Hosts Kate Graham and Nigel Paine.

Corporate L&D: a new direction

Learning Now tv | 23 Jan 2023