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LT2024: Thrive AI

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Thrive announced Thrive AI at LT2024. CLO Helen Marshall talks to Learning News about its position in the market and the challenges ahead.

Helen Marshall, CLO, Thrive, at Learning Technologies 2024
Helen Marshall, CLO, Thrive, at Learning Technologies 2024 

Thrive AI includes an AI-powered authoring tool to help creates build learning resources more efficiently. 

Helen Marshall on the challenge ahead: “Embracing new technology, I think that's definitely part of the challenge, understanding what new tech is available and how you approach it to solve the right problems for your business. There's an element of upskilling in that for L&D teams, for the people that they lead, certainly.”

“How can you make the most of budgets that you have? Lack of resources is always going to be an issue. Being more efficient, concious of how you're spending that budget, investing in the right technology is crucial.”

“We're thinking about how we can enhance people's social learning experiences, how we can enhance the skills experience on the platform utilising AI ...honing in on what are the problems that people are facing and how do we utilise AI to solve those problems.”


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