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LT2024: Rise Up announces acquisition of Domoscio

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Rise Up has announced the acquisition of adaptive learning specialist, Domoscio; Personalised skills assessments and learning paths at scale.

Rise Up announces acquisition of Domoscio
Rise Up announces acquisition of Domoscio  

Domoscio provides adaptive learning and has been working with Rise Up to build personalised learning functionality into the Rise Up platform. At Learning Technologies 2024 Arnaud Blachon from Rise Up and Francois Thiounn from Domoscio joined Learning News to talk about the partnership. 

Arnaud Blachon, CEO and Founder, Rise Up, explains: “Rise Up and Domoscio have joined forces to create the future of learning together. The main objective is to help clients reach personalisation at scale. The Rise Up North Star is to reduce time-to-skill.”

Francois Thiounn, General Manager, Domoscio: “We use research and cognitive science to create personalised learning experiences.”

“Clients will get personal skill asessments at scale to assess the current needs of each learner and provide personal learning paths.”

Blachon added: “Domoscio technology is already available in Rise Up and we have the capacity to customise every training path.”

“It's not just about providing platforms and content, it's about how we can be more efficient in learning, how we can make sure that every minute spent learning has an impact on the daily job of each person and that's the sense of the partnership.”

“With the addition of Domoscio's AI technology to the Rise Up portfolio, learning personalisation and the L&D landscape are set to be transformed. The pairing will enable the creation of one-on-one learning experiences at an unprecedented scale, all within minutes.”


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