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LT2024: Personalised learning experiences

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Camilia Miccolis, Rise Up, with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2024.

Camilia Miccolis, Rise Up, Learning Technologies 2024
Camilia Miccolis, Rise Up, Learning Technologies 2024 

Rise Up is a learning management system and learner experience platform. It has integrated adaptive learning technology into the platform to provide personalised skill assessments and learning paths at scale.

Learning News caught up with Camilia Miccolis from Rise Up, at Learning Technologies 2024. We asked her about Rise Up's proposition, where it fits in the market and about the challenges Rise Up is tackling.

Camilia Miccolis, Country Manager UKI-NL, Rise Up: “Making sure that through technology we're allowing people to learn in the flow of work, to have access to the right content, based on who they are, what they want to be training on and have that personalised learning experience at the tip of their fingers.”


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