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LT2024: Open source learning management system

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Amy Tessitore, Open LMS, joins Learning News with an update on the open source learning management system and its new features added in 2024.

Amy Tessitore, Open LMS, Learning Technologies 2024
Amy Tessitore, Open LMS, Learning Technologies 2024 

Open LMS is an open source learning managemen ecosystem and one of the world’s largest Moodle™-based LMS platforms providers and part of the LTG group of digital learning businesses.

At Learning Technologies 2024, Amy Tessitore joined Learning News to explain all about Open LMS's new features, its unique position in the market and about the challenges for the market in the year ahead.

Amy Tessitore, Global Manager, Production Adoption and Education at Open LMS, considers the challenges ahead: “We'll continue to see some challenges around the ethical use and application of AI.” 

“Lots of people have built learning online but it's not mobile friendly. Making sure that you're mobile ready is a challenge people really need to rise to.”


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