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LT2024: Power of conversations

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Julie Drybrough on creating spaces for conversations and the culture needed for successful technology and transformation.

Julie Drybrough on culture and conversations at LT2024
Julie Drybrough on culture and conversations at LT2024 

Organisational consultant, Julie Drybrough, joined Learning News after her session, The Power of Conversations with Sarah Hope and Emily Cosgrove, co-founders of The Conversation Space. The group made the case for creating conversation spaces in organisations

Julie Drybrough: “The technology has to land in a culture in an organisation and if you don't have a culture where people can talk, where they can challenge, where they can resolve conflict, where they can raise issues, that technology comes into a space where it might not work. We talked about setting up brave spaces, so people feel they can talk, inclusive spaces. I love the fact that there was humanity right in the middle of Learning Tech.”


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