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Cornerstone acquires spatial learning business, Talespin

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Cornerstone has announced the acquisition of extended reality capabilities and a team of highly specialised domain experts from Talespin, a spatial learning company focused on workforce skills development.

Personalized learning in simulations of real-life work
Personalized learning in simulations of real-life work 

Spatial learning with XR, which encompasses virtual, augmented and mixed reality, unlocks the ability to learn in the flow of work in contextually relevant virtual worlds that simulate real-life physical, behavioural and emotional situations.

Prime applications include: healthcare organisations - speeding up time-to-floor for critical nursing and medical support staff; manufacturers can ramp up or reskill talent without impacting production outcomes; customer service representatives can practice emotionally realistic conversations to increase their confidence. With this, individuals can navigate relevant situations in the digital world and walk away with validated skills they can immediately apply on the job.

Himanshu Palsule, CEO, Cornerstone: “We’ve evolved to provide engaging, personalised tools centred around growth for employees to pave their own path. A natural evolution from personalised is providing truly immersive learning experiences through spatial computing and GenAI. Talespin is another important step in our vision to provide a holistic, integrated continuum of learning solutions with the right content at the right time — and now — with the right modality.”

Kyle Jackson, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talespin: “Talespin’s innovative XR experiences, team, and AI capabilities will further strengthen Cornerstone’s industry-leading learning and talent development solutions to bring even more value to customers. Together, we are accelerating the adoption of spatial learning, uniting under the shared ethos of ‘Better Together’ and with that the possibilities for what the future of work can hold are boundless.”

“The immersive learning market is already estimated at $4 billion and is expected to grow at 31% CAGR over the next five years,” said Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst. “This amazing new technology, which has been proven to almost triple learning impact, is now breaking out. I’m excited to see Cornerstone take a lead and provide an end-to-end solution in this market.”

Talespin’s immersive learning content is available now within Cornerstone’s Content Subscriptions and can be integrated into its learning solutions for all customers. 


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