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Side view avatars arrive for more realistic training

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AI video startup, Colossyan, has introduced side view avatars to improve the authenticity of scenario-based training videos.


Colossyan, a frontrunner in AI-enhanced video training, has introduced Side View Avatars, digital characters viewed from the side, a groundbreaking feature that aims to significantly amplify the authenticity of scenario-based training videos.

The introduction of Side-View Avatars ensures a closer-to-life representation of scenarios, improving how learners relate, immerse, and understand the situations depicted.

Colossyan's CEO and Founder, Dominik Mate Kovacs, explains: "Our goal has been to empower L&D teams to recreate real-world scenarios in their training, unlocking the potential for more dynamic, effective scenario-based learning videos. With Side View Avatars, we are one step closer to making training videos as realistic as possible. This is a leap not just for us but for the entire industry."

Derella Miller, Learning and Instructional Technology Manager at the State of New Mexico and an early adopter of Colossyan, shared her insights: "Colossyan's close collaboration with L&D teams, like ours, is genuinely transformative. Their platform feels like it's been crafted with our specific needs in mind. It's not just a tool; it's a partner in our training initiatives."

Shahzaib Aslam, Head of Research at Colossyan, emphasized the company's user-centric approach: "Traditional approaches to technology development often focus on finding solutions before fully grasping the intricacies of the issues they seek to address. In contrast, we are committed to understanding the pain points of our creators. It is the result of this commitment that all our research and development workflows are driven by the problem-first approach. Our Side View Avatars release is yet another testimony of our belief that true innovation stems from intimately understanding the needs and challenges faced by the end-users.” 

Colossyan is a pioneering AI video startup, one of the frontrunners in AI-enhanced video training, and aims to make scenario-based training more effective and engaging. It provides text-to-video digital avatars with AI narration and is specifically designed for the needs of L&D creators. Colossyan is the first to introduce side view avatars. A free trial is available via its website: