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Sage investing in cybersecurity

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1,300 engineers at accounting software company, Sage, are to get access to a new cybersecurity skills development programme.


Sage, the accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses, is using Pluralsight to develop a cybersecurity skills development program, helping to build expertise within its engineering teams globally.

UK-headquartered Sage serves millions of customers around the globe. As it scales, a strong emphasis on data security is crucial for maintaining customer trust. Cybersecurity continues to be a critical imperative for organizations and Pluralsight found in a survey of its customers 43% ranked cybersecurity as their top skill concern.

1,300 engineering team members have access to the programme, not only in security but across a spectrum of technologies, including artificial intelligence and cloud services using AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Madeline Howard, People-centered Security Lead at Sage:

"We want everybody at Sage to understand that the culture here is one where all of our colleagues are empowered and confident when it comes to security, no matter their role."

"Pluralsight really understands our aim as a business, our ambitions, and what we want to get out of the Pluralsight platform. Knowing you've got somebody that can help you deliver the most effective program you can is 100% a partnership."

Gary Eimerman, Chief Product Officer at Pluralsight: 

"Sage understands that building a strong cybersecurity learning program is essential to guard against today's ever-changing threat landscape."

"With Pluralsight, Sage has built on its fundamental knowledge of cybersecurity across its organization while enabling those in security roles to deepen their understanding and ensure they are up to date on the latest cybersecurity skills. We are proud to work with Sage to expand the technology and cybersecurity skills their organization needs."

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