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L&D’s shift to business partner

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How L&D strategically aligns with business and the behaviours of high-performing teams; interview with Anna Barnett on Mind Tools’ annual L&D Benchmark Report.

How L&D strategically aligns with business; interview with Anna Barnett
How L&D strategically aligns with business; interview with Anna Barnett 

The second instalment of Mind Tools for Business's 2023 Annual L&D Benchmark Report explores the critical role of L&D in driving business transformation and its pivotal shift from “training provider” to “strategic business partner”.

Around three quarters of L&D is still stuck implementing and transacting courses. Part two of this year's report shows the difference high-performing L&D teams have on business and how business leaders are twice as likely to work with them and that they recognise the alignment of learning with their business plan. 

We are now able to predict which behaviours and crucially combinations of behaviours, have the greatest impact on organisational success and Anna Barnett, from the team behind the research, returns to Learning News to explore them.

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