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Kineo: learning content and AI

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Interview with Kineo's new learning content product manager, Anthony Muller, on the challenge facing its content development teams.

Anthony Muller: the challenge facing content development teams
Anthony Muller: the challenge facing content development teams 

AI is an inescapable conversation for learning practitioners. Generative AI has handed us more than we could ever have dreamt possible. All of the world's documented knowledge for us to very quickly output as pedagogically sound learning resources.

There are so many reasons for us to love AI, but it poses a great challenge for learning practitioners. Those able to adapt with new skills, remain agile, curious and business-aligned are those most likely to prosper with AI. For those stuck in the lower levels of organisational learning maturity, it is surely their greatest threat.

And there are concerns to explore too: ethics, plagiarism, IP, bias. Even the most adaptable and enthusiastic supporters might find the adoption of generative AI a big challenge.

Kineo has explored how its customers feel about AI and Global Product Manager for Learning Content, Anthony Muller, joins Learning News.

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