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Kepler + Co Announces Significant Enhancements to its Skills Development Software

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Revolutionising the future of work with advanced skill taxonomies, custom frameworks, AI-enhanced career guidance, and an holistic approach to skill development and assessment.


Kepler + Co, a pioneering force in skills assessment, skills mapping, and customised learning journeys, is pleased to announce a series of transformative enhancements to its software.

Using a human-centric approach to uncover hidden talent and skills gaps, Kepler + Co's software enables companies to increase productivity, reduce employee attrition and increase job satisfaction by helping to eliminate redundant learning, creating customised learning journeys and robust succession planning.

Kepler + Co enables companies to maximise the full potential of their employees, thereby increasing productivity, reducing attrition and increasing job satisfaction.

An Holistic Approach to Skills Assessment & Deployment

  • Kepler + Co's software speeds up the process of identifying relevant skills for employees.
  • Using self-assessments, peer endorsements, and management endorsements, the software delivers deep insights into an individual's capabilities and opportunities. This ensures that learning journeys are tailored to both job role requirements and personal career aspirations; enabling organisations to deploy the right person, to the right position, at the right time.
  • Kepler + Co’s holistic approach enables organisations to drive a culture of internal mobility, reduce employee turnover, develop robust succession planning, and ensure a growth focused mindset which drives the bottomline.

Discover the New Frontier of Skill Taxonomies

Kepler + Co's commitment to understanding modern workforce skills is evident in the expanded skill taxonomies it continues to develop. Companies and users can now delve into a wider, more accurate, spectrum of competencies, ensuring every distinct skill and talent is recognised and developed to its full potential.

Kepler + Co simplifies the skills identification process for HR and L&D teams by providing clarity into rapidly evolving roles and frameworks. Organisations can precisely determine and develop the necessary skills required for their workforces, while reducing L&D content costs and creating learning journeys with purpose.

Technical and Human Skills Mapping

Acknowledging the required balance between technical expertise and human skills, Kepler + Co's software offers a comprehensive tool for evaluating talent throughout the organisation. This ensures that every employee , regardless of role, is directed towards achieving their full potential, cultivating a workforce that's both technically adept and emotionally intelligent.

Why Kepler + Co?

In today's rapidly changing business environment, companies grapple with challenges including the high cost of delivering learning, redundant learning, high employee turnover, inadequate succession planning and the need for relevant learning content. Kepler + Co's platform is designed to address these issues.

Darren Lang, CEO of Kepler + Co, commented, "Our latest innovations reaffirm our commitment to redefining talent management and skills development. We're striving towards a future where every skill is recognised, every talent is nurtured, and every individual is empowered to navigate their unique career path while addressing organisational needs."

Kepler + Co's advancements mark a significant stride in talent management and skills development. By seamlessly blending technology with human-centric approaches, the company addresses the skills and talent needs of businesses and anticipates the future demands of an evolving workforce. As the landscape of work continues to shift, Kepler + Co ensures that every employee is equipped, acknowledged, and celebrated in their unique career journeys, enabling companies to achieve their business goals.


Kepler + Co is taking part in the upcoming LEARNINGLIVE event, London, 13-14 September.

About Kepler + Co

Founded in 2018, Kepler + Co is a visionary in the domain of talent management, human resources, and skills development. With its cutting-edge platform, the company offers skills assessments, skills mapping, and customised learning journeys that yield tangible results for businesses. By minimising redundant learning and championing internal talent mobility, Kepler + Co is sculpting the future of work, one skill at a time.

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