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Go1 acquires Anders Pink

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Go1 acquires Anders Pink to provide best-in-class content curation capability for learners.

Andrew Barnes, Go1: “an important milestone“
Andrew Barnes, Go1: “an important milestone“ 

Go1, the world’s learning and development content expert, has announced it has acquired Anders Pink, an award-winning content curation provider. The acquisition accelerates Go1’s ability to directly support the needs of learners by providing intelligent automated recommendations for learning content. 

As organisations seek to help employees close their skills gaps, there has been a massive proliferation in digital learning content. In this landscape, curation is critical. Anders Pink was built to directly support the need for curated content assets from multiple content libraries and across the web, helping individuals to achieve their learning goals by creating targeted content feeds for relevant topics and skills. 

An aggregator of learning and development content, Go1 works with the world's leading content providers to deliver high-quality training and education. Offering more content across more industries and languages than anyone else, Go1 gives organisations the ability to create the learning experiences their employees need. 

Together, Go1 and Anders Pink will provide the world’s best learning content, served in a curated, automated and intelligent feed that supports organisations, teams and individuals specific learning needs. Through the delivery of timely and relevant content, employees are more likely to engage and complete courses, and in turn, meet their goals.  

Andrew Barnes, Go1 CEO commented: “The acquisition accelerates our ability to deliver and discover the world’s best learning content for individuals, teams, and organisations, helping them achieve their learning goals. Go1's vision is to engage a billion learners and this represents an important milestone on this journey”. 

Michelle Hazelton, Anders Pink Managing Director commented: “Go1 and Anders Pink have a shared purpose to curate the world’s best learning content, in any learning platform, for the world’s leading organisations. Through the acquisition, we are gaining the ability to drive greater market impact at significant scale as part of Go1.” 

The acquisition caps off a historic 2022 for Go1, which saw the company signing more than 65 partnerships globally and doubling its customers year on year.