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Innovative coding school opens in London

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A new coding school, 42 London, opens; tuition-free, project-based learning and peer collaboration.


Enrolment is now open for 42 London, aimed at aspiring coders, aged 18 and above. Students specialise in areas such as data, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, mobile web, or network administration. 

42 London is in central London in Millbank and offers a unique approach with tuition-free training: There are no teachers, instead students engage in project-based learning and peer-to- peer collaboration, with evaluation processes, machine exams and peer assessments. 

A statement from 42 London points out that 'the demand for qualified IT professionals in the UK is soaring and yet traditional education systems are falling short in preparing candidates.'

42 London joins a network of campuses operating in 28 countries. Each campus works with different partners such as Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Dell, Airbus, Nokia, Telefonica, Deloitte, and Santander. Ecole 42, the Network’s first school, has a 100% employment rate among its graduates.

The first programme starts in June: More information and applications at