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CLO100 unveils 'My Learning Lounge'

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An engaging community app for senior L&D professionals.

My Learning Lounge community app for senior L&D professionals
My Learning Lounge community app for senior L&D professionals 

CLO100, the Home of Learning Leaders and the Learning Leaders programme, is thrilled to announce the launch of its newest offering, 'My Learning Lounge.' This pioneering community app is designed exclusively for senior Learning and Development professionals seeking to connect, collaborate, and enhance their skills in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

'My Learning Lounge' is more than just an app - it's a virtual collaborative space that brings together learning leaders from various industries. It offers users the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, share best practices, learn from peers and industry experts, and access a rich library of resources tailored to their unique needs.

Key Features of 'My Learning Lounge' include:

  • Hive Mind: Use the collective power of the community to help solve challenges and answer your questions. We provide a safe and collaborative space for L&D professionals to work together.
  • L&D Pulse: Here you will find articles, blogs and industry news on the latest trends and insights from our industry. 
  • Polling Pitstop: Have you ever considered how your perspective aligns with the broader industry landscape? Here, there's no 'right' or 'wrong'. Instead, we offer insightful questions and surveys to keep you tuned in to evolving industry trends. 
  • L&D Rant: The L&D Rant is our exclusive podcast series, a platform designed for voices from every facet of the L&D industry to air their grievances and transform frustration into innovation.
  • Meet the Author: This is a dedicated space to those who have published works in L&D. Here we host live interviews with authors allowing you to hear their backstory, motivations for their books and have an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Events: A diary of selected external events we feel are worth attending. Plus, exclusive member only events, included in your membership.

"We believe in the power of continuous learning through collaboration. The app helps to foster a sense of community among senior L&D professionals and provides a safe space for individuals to work through challenges as well as stay up to date with the latest L&D news and insights.”
Cathy Hoy, Co-founder CLO100 & My Learning Lounge.  

'My Learning Lounge' is now available for download on iOS and Android platforms. For more information about the app and its features, visit

About CLO100: 

CLO100 specialises in the field of senior L&D development. They provide the Learning Leaders Programme in conjunction with Leeds University Business School, which is a an exclusive 12-month programme for heads of learning. 

Cathy Hoy, CEO & Co-founder / [email protected] / +44 7881 299 470
Robert Wagner, Co-founder / [email protected] / +44 7875 543 028