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AI-powered script and video creator launches

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Vyond’s new video creation tool, Vyond Go, has arrived; aims to increase the speed, ease and scalability of business communications.


Vyond’s press statement lists several high profile companies offering enthusiastic support: ‘American Express, Cargill, CVS Health, Johnson & Johnson, Whole Foods Market and other early customers say Vyond Go is a breakthrough in video creation.’

Vyond Go, the industry's first AI-powered script and video creator, is now available from Vyond. Vyond Go is seamlessly integrated into the Vyond Platform and will help companies supercharge the speed, ease, and scalability of their business communications.

Vyond Go is a breakthrough in AI-powered video creation. With generative AI integrated right into the Vyond workflow – already used by two thirds of the Fortune 500 – users can create and edit professional scripts and videos, almost instantly, right inside the application. Despite the hype around AI-powered video creation, no one else is doing this.

With an easy-to-use, prompt-based interface, users can build a first draft of their video instantly from a few simple prompts, with or without their own pre-existing content. Using Vyond’s simple text-based editor, users can quickly make edits to their script which are then immediately reflected in their video.

Videos can then be used as-is or users can bring them into Vyond Studio to further fine-tune and polish using Vyond’s full suite of editing capabilities. Vyond Go is available today to all customers at no additional charge across all Vyond plans.

“With Vyond Go, developing engaging, professional-quality videos has never been easier – which is a game-changer for business communications,” said Vyond CEO Gary Lipkowitz. “It is like no other product because Vyond Go integrates generative AI into our workflow and pulls content from our massive content library so that videos made in seconds are always relevant to the business and the use case. Our customers have signaled that this is our most innovative release to date.” 

Vyond Go users can choose from different locations, formats, and vibes, as well as more than 70 languages, to create the perfect representation of their message. By pulling from Vyond’s original content library, videos made in seconds are always relevant to the business and pose no risk of copyright infringement.

According to Wistia’s recent State of Video report, 65% of companies say that time is the #1 barrier to creating video. The ability to go from a “blank page” to a relevant video in seconds is a productivity multiplier, especially compared to expensive and time consuming traditional video production.

“When you’re creating new training content, sometimes you just don’t know where to begin,” said Jason Ferguson from Whole Foods Market. He is the Principal Learning and Development Analyst, Change Enablement there and manages a team of instructional designers who use Vyond. “Being able to go from prompt to editable video not only gets you past that initial block, it gets you most of the way there – in just a few seconds, instead of days or weeks. By bringing generative AI right into our existing workflow, Vyond Go will save us valuable time to focus more on strategy.”

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