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Supercharge workforce strategies with Explorance

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A quick insight into Explorance’s leading 360-degree feedback software and how it can help an organization recognize, nourish, and retain its most vital talent.


At many organizations, employees are voting with their feet, and now more than ever, employers either need to react and reassess their workforce planning strategies or fight it out in one of the toughest labor markets the world has ever seen. With the need for a comprehensive overview of talent, where it lives in the business, and how it is being developed, why not implement and leverage one of the most powerful developmental tools in the world, 360-degree feedback.

As one of the global leaders in the 360-degree feedback software market, Blue 360 helps organizations recognize, reskill, nourish, and retain their most vital employees. With Blue 360, gauge the talent an organization is losing and the professional development being achieved by identifying and closing skill gaps created by employee churn and The Great Resignation.

360-degree feedback offers a goldmine of data that can provide meaningful and deep insight into an organization’s skill gaps and potential opportunities. A powerful toolkit to create a baseline for the effectiveness of all L&D efforts, 360-degree feedback ensures organizations have the ability to adapt and shift more effectively towards their most crucial priorities.

If you stopped by the Explorance booth at Learning Live London 2022 and would like to continue the conversation, get in touch with General Manager, John Atherton:  
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Whether it’s measuring ROI and the learning impact of L&D efforts, scaling the role of the L&D function, or implementing a 360-degree feedback process, Explorance’s People Insight Solutions can help accelerate insight to action cycle.