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Data, analytics and AI will play a significant role in L&D's ability to get grips with the hugely raised focus on developing skills according to Ben Betts from Learning Pool and Paul Scholey from Sisense. The two join Learning News to explain.

Paul Scholey, Sisense and Ben Betts, Learning Pool
Paul Scholey, Sisense and Ben Betts, Learning Pool 

Are skills the new currency and what might this mean for learning and development?

In the past companies would have job roles and competency maps and L&D's job was to identify the skills gaps and source training courses. But the world is undergoing continual change, there's been a seismic shift in everything to do with the workplace and workplace learning. Even the concept of the workplace has been eroded and now sits as a kind of remote place, anywhere where work takes place. And the new currency of the new remote workplace is skills.

Step forward L&D, now is our time. But how well prepared is L&D to deliver in this new changed world when only recently L&D was stuck designing more and more courses for yesterday's skills needs. Today learning needs to be ever-present and ever-adapting. Last year's job roles and competency maps are different to this year's and the training courses needed to plug the gaps all need redoing.

Two companies that are tackling this problem working together are Learning Pool and Sisense. Ben Betts, from Learning Pool and Paul Scholey from Sisense join Learning News to chat it through.

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