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Maximising Learning Efficiency with AI

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OBRIZUM's enhanced analytics can be utilised to uncover deeper diagnostic insights for business leaders and deliver previously unseen levels of decision-making support for organisations. We want to explore how the disruptive drivers of the future of work and learning can be safely handled through utilising the power of A.I. automation and non-linear adaptive learning.


There is less and less time available for people to create programmes of learning, and more and more information to be taught. Companies working in almost every sector are struggling to create learning programmes quickly enough to match their skills development needs. Gone are the days when employees were bringing 10 years of institutional knowledge and experience to an organization or role; they are moving between companies and positions at a rapidly accelerating rate.

Though this movement can bring fresh insights, the requirement for onboarding, retraining, upskilling, and reskilling is more significant than ever, and so too is the potential for inefficiencies and the emergence of costly knowledge gaps. Given that spending on human capital is typically the largest expenditure for businesses, inefficient use of employee time in the building, consumption, and analysis of learning can easily cost large organisations hundreds of millions of dollars a year. L&D must therefore look to embrace technologies like A.I. to ensure that approaches to learning can morph to accommodate the inevitable changes to the ways we live and work.

CEO & Co-Founder of OBRIZUM Group will be holding a live session at Learning Technologies 2022 uncovering how the power of A.I. automation and non-linear adaptive learning can be utilised to change the dimensions of the future of work and learning for the better.


OBRIZUM Group is an award-winning AI technology company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. OBRIZUM is a digital learning platform that allows organisations to automatically build, curate, and deploy precision-personalised adaptive learning experiences.

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