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Marketing and elearning combine for new era of workplace learning

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E-learning company, thirst learning, and marketing and design agency OnyxPDA, both launched during the pandemic, and now the pair of start-ups are working together to bring a new era of learning to the workplace.

Fred Thompson, thirst learning and Daniel Chesney, OnyxPDA
Fred Thompson, thirst learning and Daniel Chesney, OnyxPDA 

thirst learning launched thirst in 2022, an online learning platform created for the modern learner. thirst allows each user to choose what, how, and when they want to learn, and by using advanced AI technology, the revolutionary platform presents personalised content to each user based on their likes, dislikes, and previous content consumed. 

OnyxPDA who launched in 2020, provide marketing, communication, and design services to a range of companies throughout the UK and Europe. OnyxPDA began working with thirst learning to mould and launch the brand-new product into the competitive e-learning market. 

Daniel Chesney, Managing Director of OnyxPDA said “The fact that two start-up businesses can launch and prosper in such a challenging landscape is inspiring. We’re thrilled to be working with another amazing start-up company, who have such an innovative product that will not only disrupt the e-learning industry but will revolutionise learning in the workplace.”

He continues, “I’ve always been an advocate of learning and progression, it’s something I instil within my personal and professional life and now within my team at Onyx. What thirst is offering will make people fall back in love with learning again and provide them the time and space to learn whatever they want; however they want.”

Directly challenging the norm, thirst is a SaaS based learning platform that offers users transparent pricing, easy on-boarding and access to 1000s of pieces of learning content from all over the web. Users can create their own content in various formats to share knowledge and grow a culture of learning and development. The platform can be used on any device, anywhere, and is built for the flexible workplace that is now necessary and expected by many employees.

“We created thirst for the modern learner” said Fred Thompson, Chief Executive Officer at thirst learning.“As a society, we’re always on the go, and now the workplace and education are becoming more flexible, it’s time e-learning did too. It’s brilliant to be working with a company that not only shares our values, but that also understands the struggles, excitement, and hard work that start-ups must endure.”

thirst learning, based in South Manchester, and OnyxPDA, based in Chorley, have less than 30 employees between them, and are working together to launch this exciting new learning platform into the UK market.