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Make onboarding a breeze with Conduit

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Say goodbye to fragmented processes and disconnected employees, it’s time to digitise and consumerise employee experience. Announcing Conduit by 3t Transform at Learning Technologies 2022.


Today’s forward-thinking companies are re-designing their onboarding processes with Conduit. This new product transform workflows with its immersive, effortless and efficient onboarding practice that employees love to use.

Conduit is specifically designed for ease of knowledge transfer and employee management with an attractive ‘tile-based’ interface with bespoke content customisation.

Conduit can host a variety of content from, e-learning and video showreels to policy and procedure documentation as well as much more.

How can this product help?

  • Replace tired, clunky systems with slick, employee-centric interfaces.
  • Bring in new-age technology that meets employee expectations.
  • Consume company information via visual and engaging formats.
  • Amplify employee engagement.

Conduit - Everything you need all in one place.

About 3t Transform

3t Transform enables workforces to be smarter, safer, better equipped, and more efficient. To achieve this, they provide ground-breaking new technology across three key pillars – Training, Simulators, and Learning Technologies.

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Digital Marketing Executive
3t Transform
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