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LMS365 acquires Evergreen Digital

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Denmark-based LMS365 expands in Australia, New Zealand and wider Asia-Pacific with acquisition of Evergreen Digital.

LMS365 is acquiring digital workplace consultancy Evergreen Digital, marking expansion to Australia, New Zealand and the wider Asia-Pacific.

"Learning management is a huge market globally, projected to be worth $150 billion by 2028. It's more important than ever to attract and retain talent, and the challenges that we all face — educating our users and making our employees better — are the same around the world," said LMS365 CEO Rasmus Holst. "Our ambition is to be a global LMS leader in a truly global platform like Microsoft Teams. We've seen substantial adoption and growth in the APAC market over the last year; we are taking advantage of an opportunity and expect to move that market to an even bigger level."

The 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Ecosystem Partners report for Australia finds that the rise in remote and hybrid work opportunities since the COVID-19 pandemic has created a complex and growing need for Microsoft 365's suite of tools in the region. Australia is now Microsoft's fourth-largest market — and the global growth opportunities for learning management solutions are also a major source of enthusiasm for Evergreen Digital.

"As you can imagine, we're very excited about joining LMS365 after working with the company as a distributor in the ANZ region," said General Manager Paul Scott. Evergreen Digital is LMS365's fastest-growing partner in the ANZ, and Scott is confident the business will invest in raising their profile around the region. "We want to grow our presence and offer Microsoft 365 customers the world's leading learning management solution designed specifically for Teams — LMS365. We have a laser-focus on customer success and see this as a key differentiator for us in the market," Paul Scottsaid.

"By becoming fully part of LMS365 we will be able to offer our customers in the wider Asia-Pacific region 'in time zone' support from our experienced team in Australia and the Philippines," added Paul Scott.

Henrik Jeberg, LMS365 Chief Strategy Officer: "In terms of providing technical support, we now have the opportunity to cover 24 time zones instead of 16. That's a fantastic starting point for our expansion into the rest of Asia Pacific. This acquisition firmly establishes LMS365 as a global company." 

Chief Commercial Officer Lars Vestergaard: "We gain the expertise of Evergreen Digital while implementing LMS365's proven marketing, product and customer success best practices. This is our third acquisition, and there's a lot of tailwind. We expect to be up and running quickly and see the same exponential growth as in the U.S. and Germany post-acquisition."

LMS365 is hiring more customer service talent, adding to its sales team and ramping up marketing and social media efforts. The company is also committed to building a stronger connection to APAC users.

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