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Learning Technologies 2022: Rise Up, Arnaud Blachon

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Arnaud Blachon from Rise Up in discussion with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2022.


Rise Up recently raised €30 million to invest in its workplace learning suite aimed at providing ultra-personalised training experiences for learners.

Learning News caught up with Rise Up CEO and founder, Arnaud Blachon, to find out about Rise Up’s priorities and plans for the year ahead.

Arnaud Blachon explains how Rise Up is a combined learning experience platform, learning management system and authoring tool in one application and how ease of use is a key feature.

Arnaud Blachon: “We now see that learning is a challenge for every company and it's key for success in their business, so we're really excited to be part of it.”

Watch Arnaud Blachon on Learning News at Learning Technologies 2022. 

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