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Learning Technologies 2022: Learning Technologies Conference, Donald H Taylor

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Donald H Taylor, Conference Chair, in discussion with Learning News at Learning Technologies 2022.


“This is an opportunity for learning and development. Our challenge for the twelve months ahead, is to stop talking about how we do it and start talking about why we do it. Why are we doing this? To support the aims of the organisation. It’s a big challenge but this is the monent for it.”

What Donald means here is for learning and development to identify where it can have the most impact to deliver for their orgainsation; to meet the aims of the business. And to worry less about face-to-face versus digital arguements or modality discussions before the end goal is established. 

This might usually have a performance, cultural or behavioural outcome, or some other business-focussed goal. Rarely will a goal be to deliver something digitally, or not. So don't let it cloud our vision before learning and development and the business are talking the language.

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