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Learning in Metaverse: launches

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Bridge Learning Tech has launched a Virtual Reality Learning Solution – is available from $8 per user per month is available from $8 per user per month addresses the shortage of affordable, immersive and interactive technical learning currently available to automotive EV Technicians. Plus, from Q4 2022, it will also offer learning opportunities to Service Advisors and Sales Consultants. 

It aims to lower the barriers of entry into the VR learning space and to reduce development costs and facilitate transition to metaverse learning. is built on the concept of immersive, hands-on learning experiences, enabling users to try, test and experience different concepts in safe and virtual environments, where the cost of error is minimal. future releases will venture further into the metaverse of learning and incorporate NFTs for rewards and other utility purposes.

Prices start at $8 per Technician per month for the basic plan and there's an Enterprise plan offering VR learning custom development and white-labelling opportunities. can integrate with an existing Learning Management System or be used as a standalone.

Vlad Shishkaryov, Bridge Learning Tech's Founder, said of, "Until now, the Virtual Reality development costs have been prohibitively high for most organizations, which in part resulted in relatively low adoption for this type of learning.

"We believe this is unfair and our mission is to lower the barriers of entry into the VR learning space. That's why with we are proud to deliver VR Learning modules at a cost that is largely comparable with that of the general video learning production."

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