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Learn Java and help Ukrainians get a new profession

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Every purchased CodeGym subscription helps two future Ukrainian programmers.


Full-scale war on the European continent has affected everyone in one way or another, but Ukraine is the one who holds the main blow.

We, the Ukrainian startup CodeGym, work in the international field, so our company has survived and continues to do our job in the conditions of war. However, not everyone was that lucky. A huge number of our compatriots lost their jobs, and many companies went bankrupt. 53% of Ukrainians have already lost their jobs, and over 4,5 million have been forced to flee Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion.

“Just before the war, I’d been working on relocating our business of dyeing metal products from Kyiv to the Zakarpattia region. On February 23, I completed our relocation, and we were ready to start a new project. We planned to renovate a cable car. Unfortunately, on February 24, the war started. By the end of the first day, my director and I understood that we no longer had a job. My goal for 2022 was to start the programming course. But all my plans were ruined by the war. Now all the money I’ve saved for education serves as a survival budget.” - shares Mykyta from Kyiv, Ukraine.

And there are a lot of such people here in Ukraine.

We know more than anyone that Ukrainians don’t want to be refugees. They want to work, to be able to help the country fight, and after the victory - to return home and rebuild Ukraine. Many people are ready to change their profession, and the profession of a Java developer is currently in great demand.

CodeGym has always been a switcher-first project. That’s why we are launching a special CodeGym Donation Program for our current and future students from different countries. Those who plan to learn Java and decide to purchase a CodeGym subscription, thereby automatically give two subscriptions to Ukrainian residents who want to learn.

If a person already has a monthly CodeGym subscription, they can extend it through this donation program providing the same time-limited subscription to 2 impacted Ukrainians.

The subscriptions will be received by internally displaced people, refugees, and Ukrainians who have lost their jobs in different parts of the country, including those where hostilities are taking place.

“We stay with our country and continue to do what we do best, to teach people how to program. With your help, we can give 5,000 unemployed Ukrainians a chance to start building their future career. I sincerely hope that our new students will apply the acquired skills in peaceful Ukraine and it will be very soon.”, Alex Yelenevych, Co-founder, Chief Marketing/Product Officer at CodeGym commented.

Those who do not plan to learn Java, but want to help Ukrainians find a new profession, can donate: via the CodeGym Donation Program.