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Juno Journey CEO uncovers the ROI of L&D

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At Learning Technologies 2022 Dor Nachshoni, CEO and co-founder of Juno Journey, discusses the solution for the biggest challenge of L&D today - getting managers to make learning a priority. Learn from several real-world examples of companies successfully demonstrating the true business value of L&D.


Intuitively, we all know that investing in your employees' learning and development will increase their engagement with the company and in turn, reduce turnover. However, surveys show that getting managers to make learning and development a priority is the biggest challenge faced by L&D professionals today.

The one thing managers need in order to move from passively knowing that L&D efforts are important to actively prioritizing them, is proof of business impact. Intuition that something is important is just not enough - you need measurable data that connects learning to core business metrics in order to demonstrate real value and change behavior.

In his 2:45PM lecture in theatre 6, Dor Nachshoni, CEO and co-founder of Juno Journey crystalizes the path to uncovering the ROI of learning and development by sharing internal data gathered by Juno Journey combined with real-world examples of L&D departments that got it right.

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