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Cognassist Brings an ED&I Neurodiversity Solution to the Workplace

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Cognassist has worked in the education sector for over 5 years to identify and support cognitive differences and neurodiversity in a learning environment, improving confidence and outcomes of learners across the UK. Now, Cognassist is taking its expertise into the working world, with a free Neurodiverity in the Workplace Masterclass and an equality, diversity and inclusion solution for neurodiversity.


Cognassist’s mission is to create a world where everyone can learn, work and thrive in an environment that values and empowers diverse talent. Cognitive diversity can no longer be overlooked. Cognassist wants to help organisations build a diversity-led employment experience, with access to cognitive assessment at onboarding, neurodiversity upskilling for HR professionals and providing Learning and Development teams with cognitive data to increase personalisation and engagement.

There are still many fears and misconceptions around neurodiversity that prevent people from accessing and progressing in work. Creating a culture of neuro inclusion requires ongoing support and effective policy. From years working with education providers, Cognassist offers guidance and training into reasonable adjustments, your rights and responsibilities under the law and how managers and staff can support neurodiversity day to day.

Happily, the conversation around neurodiversity in the workplace has been growing steadily, and people are beginning to understand the benefits and competitive advantage that a neurodiverse workforce can bring. Large companies like Microsoft, SAP, Deloitte, IBM, and JP Morgan Chase have all implemented changes or are in the early stages of overhauling their HR processes to access and attract neurodiverse talent. Cognassist offers ways to empower diverse innovation through giving every employee access to their personalised cognitive report, evidence-based strategies and techniques to improve ways of working and build awareness and empathy at every level of an organisation.

However, it’s not enough to preach diversity – you must act. The free Neurodiverity in the Workplace Masterclass offers all the fundamentals HR and business leaders need to understand, plan and action effective and truly inclusive strategies. With four episodes that explore why neurodiversity in the workplace matters, the science behind cognition and neurodiversity, how to kickstart your neurodiversity journey from the bottom-up and top neuro inclusive practices to supercharge your DE&I strategy.

Evidence shows that diverse organisations are twice as likely to meet financial targets and six times more likely to be innovative. Yet, encouraging diversity requires flexibility, and more and more employees want to work for organisations that take their wellbeing and workplace environment seriously. No organisation can afford to lose out on the clear advantages of creating a diverse and thriving culture that fosters different ways of thinking. It’s time to join the Cognitive Revolution.

Cognassist will attend Learning Technologies on 4th and 5th May in London on stand J60.

About Cognassist

Cognassist is the UK’s leading digital neurodiversity assessment and training provider, offering the only NCFE endorsed qualification in neurodiversity. They help organisations in education and work to identify cognitive differences and development areas to provide personalised strategies, techniques and a data-driven approach to help diverse minds thrive. Through digital cognitive assessments, personalised learning and employment experiences and neurodiversity training, Cognassist helps to improve retention and success rates for over 150 organisations in the UK.

Founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in conjunction with leading professionals in neuropsychology, our innovative technology and support is used by universities and education providers, including London South Bank University, Mencap, Capita, The Skills Network and the YMCA, as well as businesses such as Holland & Barrett, BT Openreach, Serco and Virgin Care. We are on a mission to champion neurodiversity and ensure that no one is left behind.

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