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Coca-Cola transforming training with virtual reality

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Coca-Cola has completed an innovative virtual reality-based health and safety training project, completely removing the risk to employees compared with training on machinery in-situ, and leading to increases in learning efficiency and retention rates.


Coca-Cola's programme was implemented with the ARuVR platform and has delivered quantifiable real outcomes, while giving employees a rewarding and engaging means to learn, upskill and improve their own performance in a 100% safe digital environment.

  • 15% increase in learning retention compared to traditional classroom training
  • 100% reduction in employee risk exposure compared to in-situ equipment and machinery process understanding
  • 75%+ increase in the efficiency to train employees
  • 80% increase in employee training engagement
  • Ability to monitor and improve results in real-time combined with live scoring and assessments
  • Significantly reduced carbon emissions compared to traditional training methods

On-the-job training and learning can often be a slow and error prone exercise but vitally important to demonstrate to employees the potential of hazards that can cause harm and to ensure that processes and work-flows are followed, especially within maintenance and operation departments.

Coca-Cola, always with an eye on innovation and improving quality output, wanted to change these key training challenges to drive efficiency and safely improve the overall learning experience and outcomes.

Coca-Cola implemented a self-serving platform which provides intuitive software that requires no AR or VR experience to create virtual immersive work learning modules and simulate many of the processes that require comprehensive training.

The ARuVR application, available on any leading VR enterprise headset, makes the user experience for immersive learning consumption incredibly easy and intuitive for Coca-Cola employees.

Jorge Suarez, Corporate Safety Leader, Bepensa Coca-Cola:

“Ensuring that our staff are trained properly often involves creating potential scenarios to demonstrate hazards in the workplace. With ARuVR we are now able to safely educate and inform our employees by using an intuitive Extended Reality (XR) platform which completely removes training risk. ARuVR has transformed the way we interact, train and develop our colleagues in a safe, scalable and above all simple to operate solution.”

“Mastering complex machinery and equipment operations in a 100% cost-effective, safe and interactive VR digital environment and at scale is a game changer for Coca-Cola.”

Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder of ARuVR:

“Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world, has adopted our AR and VR platform to radically transform their learning and skills transfer processes. As a result they benefit from efficiencies delivered by a digitally immersive safe environment.”

The full case study is on ARuVR’s website: ARuVR enables Coca-Cola to transform training and empower workforce