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Archipel Academy CEO to argue for a more impactful corporate learning approach at Learning Technologies UK '22

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Omar Fouab of Archipel Academy will present at the upcoming Learning Technologies Conference explaining why corporate learning often fails and how to fix it.

Omar Fouab, Archipel, is presenting at Learning Technologies, London 4 May
Omar Fouab, Archipel, is presenting at Learning Technologies, London 4 May 

We live in a rapidly changing world. What is relevant today is old news tomorrow. Archipel foresaw a number of years ago that the learning industry was not really adapting to that changed pace, or at least not fast enough.

While classroom learning has long been the standard, the changing needs of employees and organizations require a more personal, agile approach to learning.

This demands a new perspective on how to deal with the changing skills and competences that the workforce needs, to remain fit for the future. But are companies able to address this properly? What are the main challenges companies face nowadays? Where there is change, there is opportunity.

One of the challenges is the number of suppliers that offer training, causing companies to get lost in all options. And if a suitable training is found, it often comes with a price that does not match with the learning budget that companies have to deal with.

Omar Fouab will be discussing the reasons why most corporate companies fail in their L&D policy. In his presentation he will also be giving tips and solutions on how to fix these challenges and how companies can remain or become fit for the future. Omar will be speaking at learning technologies at wednesday 4th may 2022, 11:00 - 11:30 in theatre 1.

About Archipel

At Archipel, we believe in lifelong learning for everyone. Because only organizations with a strong adaptive capacity can move in a continuously changing world. The ambitious team of Archipel works on the future of Learning & Development every day. Innovative learning solutions with which they make employees agile and organizations future-proof.

Archipel's smart all-in-one learning platform, helps large organizations such as Unilever, KPMG and Vodafone Ziggo to increase their results, both with people as with numbers.


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