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Amplifying human focus in virtual and hybrid learning

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New research report into virtual and hybrid learning from Jo Cook and Jane Daly launches today.


Jo Cook Jane Daly have launched a research report, Amplifying human focus in virtual and hybrid learning, asking learning professionals for their thoughts on virtual and hybrid training: what they find useful, what they enjoy, what makes for a better learning experience, and also about the impact on their physical and mental health of these new ways of working and learning.

The report is a collaboration between Jo Cook, a leader in virtual classroom training and Jane Daly, founder of evidenced-based learning and development consultancy PeopleStar, and draws on their expertise in behavioural science. A foreword to the report is provided by Learning Technologies Chair Donald H Taylor.

The report focuses on three areas:

  1. The learner perspective versus what organisations are actually offering them
  2. The organisation perspective and what they need to do in order to succeed
  3. The hybrid perspective and avoiding expensive pitfalls and mediocre events

It provides practical advice on how to identify and prioritise the key factors for success, for teams and organisations, virtual and hybrid learning interventions. The report is available to download from

The 2023 report's survey is also now open for completions.