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Tessian and KnowBe4 deal to deliver phishing training for employees

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Human Layer Security company Tessian is integrating with KnowBe4, the world's largest integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, to provide organizations with enhanced visibility into phishing risk.

The integration combines KnowBe4’s phishing simulation and training results with powerful insights from Tessian’s Human Layer Risk Hub, to give security and risk management teams a more comprehensive view of their riskiest employees. By identifying the employees who are most likely to fall for phishing attacks, security teams can adjust their security policies to the specific risks posed by individuals or deliver more tailored training in the areas where people are struggling most. 

As a result, training is more relevant and better resonates with individual employees, helping reduce the risk of phishing in the organization. The integration also enables security leaders to report on the impact this training has on improving the company’s overall security posture.

This is a shift away from the traditional approach to security awareness training and is a much-needed solution to the ever-growing problem of phishing attacks. Figures show that 1 in 4 employees has clicked on a phishing email at work, while the FBI revealed that phishing was the most common type of cybercrime last year, with 11x as many phishing reports in 2020 compared to 2016.

Allen Lieberman, Chief Product Officer at Tessian said, “With phishing attacks becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, IT and security teams need a clearer understanding as to who the riskiest employees are within their organization, so that they know where to double-down on phishing training. With this level of insight into human layer risk, training programs are more effective and phishing risk is reduced as individuals are armed with the tools and knowledge they need to avoid falling for a scam.”  

Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4 said, “Security and IT teams invest a lot of time and resources training their employees - so they want to understand that these training sessions are actually reducing risk within their organization. Tessian provides hugely valuable data on email behaviors and the state of a company’s human layer risk. Together, we can empower security teams to deploy tailored training - at scale - in order to reduce the risks associated with phishing and improve people’s security behaviors.”

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