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New report into learners’ preferences

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Interview with Simon Falconer, Virtual College, on the first of three reports into how learners’ preferences are changing.


Learners want more time to learn while at work and they want greater choice, choosing a time and place for learning that better suits them, according to a survey of 2,000 learners carried out by Virtual College.

There have been many factors affecting Learning and Development over the last 12 months, with COVID-19 having an instant impact on how organisations had to deliver learning. But what are the long-term effects and how have learners’ expectations, in what they want from their experience, changed?

The first of three reports into learners’ preferences due out over the Summer also shows that learners love microlearning: shorter sessions, with more breaks during longer sessions. What might all this mean for the classroom.

Learning News put these questions to Simon Falconer, Chief Marketing Officer at Vitual College.

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