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CrossKnowledge's new Digital Learning Maturity diagnostic tool

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Interview with Cedric Borzee about CrossKnowledge's new diagnostic tool that assesses an organisation's digital learning maturity.


A new diagnostic tool was launched in May that helps learning and development teams to understand their digital learning maturity and what steps they might take to build the kind of learning ecosystem and learning culture needed to get on top of the unprecedented reskilling challenge taking place across business.

With learning digitally at the forefront of all reskilling programmes, there's great pressure to build the right kind of digital learning ecosystem and foster the right kind of organisational culture to encourage and promote learning. 

CrossKnowledge has developed an assessment that gives learning and development teams an insight into their organisation’s digital learning maturity. It believes that understanding digital learning maturity is the starting point for facing the challenges of reskilling workforces.

The assessment covers more than just HR and L&D objectives, it questions ongoing whole-of-business strategies: organisational culture, leadership, governance, communications and more. The assessment is available via CrossKnowledge's website: Digital Learning Maturity Assessment.

Learning News spoke to Cedric Borzee from CrossKnowledge to find out all about it.

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