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Interview: Mental health fatigue at work

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The authors of a new e-learning course from Marshall on mental health fatigue join Learning News to discuss mental health fatigue and the course’s aims.


Marshall Elearning earlier this month published a new course that aims to help managers to support workers suffering with mental health fatigue: Mental Health Fatigue elearning course.

Mental health fatigue is a significantly growing problem in the workplace: Forbes report that 60% of people working from home are suffering increased stress and reporting signs of burnout.

Marshall worked with two experts in the field, Gamiel Yafai, managing director of Diversity Marketplace and David Beeney, founder of Breaking The Silence, and they both joined Learning News to explain mental health fatigue, some steps orgainsations can take to help and to talk about the new course.

Watch the 7-minute interview here on Learning News and check out more features and interview with learning providers.