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Mastering your virtual presence

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Richard Barkey, founder of Imparta, joins Learning News to discuss the challenges of selling online and skills that sales professionals can benefit from working on.


Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of the sales training platform and services provider, Imparta, has seen thousands of sales professionals attend his online selling webinars, which he has run since the pandemic started. Richard joins Learning News today to share some of the tips and takeaways from his latest masterclass, Mastering Virtual Presence.

In the interview with Rob Clarke from Learning News, Richard tackles the challenges faced selling online and the skills needed. We cover tools, mindset, influencing, selling skills and more. 

Richard concludes talking about how new opportunities for sales people are emerging from all of the change taking place: “Lots of companies need to change the way they are doing things which is creating new opportunities for sales people, if they are able to be proactive and help bring insight to that process.”

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