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Login VSI launches new elearning platform

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A new elearning platform from Login VSI incorporating a live hands-on lab experience launched today.

The new E-Learning platform delivers guidance to those with a role in managing the user experience of digital workspaces and applications. Specifically, it will enable participants to get the maximum value out of Login Enterprise. Historically Login VSI delivered training to its customers and partners, either in person or live, via remote technologies. The new platform will scale to expand the reach of the training program while effortlessly managing the challenge of global time zones and availability.

“This program will enable our customers to realize an immediate time to value from Login Enterprise; quickly learning how they can test and detect any issues in their Digital Workspace - before their end-users are impacted,” said Eric-Jan van Leeuwen, CEO of Login VSI. "Once our customers complete the course, we will validate their skills and issue an official Login Enterprise certificate, formally recognizing them as a Certified Login Enterprise Administrator."

The platform gives Login Enterprise users the flexibility to attend online training at any time, from anywhere. Users will follow a learning path containing various educational content, including videos developed by Login VSI technical professionals.

The new program also includes access to Login Enterprise in a live Digital Workspace lab environment. Participants will be required to do various hands-on assignments. After completing the online course requirements, users can take an exam to become Login Enterprise certified.

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