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Learning in the workflow: interview with Alfred Remmits

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Learning in the workflow is rising up the list of priorities for L&D. Now at number two in the LPI's latest survey. Are we any nearer to getting on top of this challenge? Do we understand the methods needed? Will AI and intelligent search help to make learning in workflow a reality for more workers?


Learning leaders say that implementing learning in the flow of work is one of their biggest challenges in 2021. For many it remains just that, a big challenge, and something that in the past was often left in the 'too difficult' bucket.

To unpick this challenge Learning News spoke to Alfred Remmits, a 5 Moments of Need Specialist, CEO of Xprtise and one of the pioneers of performance support and putting learning into the workflow.

Over thirty years Alfred has built several learning companies and has influenced the methods and technologies in use around the world in workflow learning.

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