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Learning and development in 2021: interview with Ed Monk

LondonLearning News

An extended interview with Ed Monk, CEO of the LPI; What happened to learning in 2020 and where will learning go in 2021?


At the start of the third national lockdown Learning News spoke with Ed Monk, CEO of the LPI, uncovering insights into what's really happening in learning and development.

The LPI works with learning teams and commercial learning providers, which have been under unprecedented pressure to respond to the events of 2020. According to Ed, L&D has shown leadership and agility, redefining its role to support learning.

Ed Monk: 

“Learning is now seen as important; its profile has been raised. The value of companies is now determined not just by profit but by how they look after their people. Learning and development has never been as important.”

“L&D has become more digital and more agile, combined with the ‘human touch.’ The best L&D teams are bringing humanity into their digital offerings.”

The interview, by Rob Clarke of Learning News, is an in-depth insight into the realities and challenges for learning and development. It runs to around half an hour. Grab a coffee and watch the full extended interview with Ed Monk on Learning News.