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Investment for e-assessments platform provider Inspera

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Inspera has received growth capital investment to the meet surge in demand for e-assessments.


Inspera has received a significant growth capital investment from CGE Partners, a London-based private equity fund to help Inspera to grow to serve the accelerating global demand for robust digital high-stakes assessments in a post-Covid world.

Inspera is a pioneer of an educational assessment and proctoring platform, enabling flexible assessments that can be taken anywhere in both onsite locations and remotely at one’s own home. Its used by education institutions around the world, including at the Universities of Bath, Oxford, Gothenburg and Sydney.

Before Covid, educational institutions had begun to transition their learning and assessment solutions to digital from the more traditional and restrictive pen and paper. This transformation continues to be driven by significant time savings for faculty in authoring and marking exams, removal of marker bias, cost savings, and an ambition to lower the environmental impact of paper assessment.

The need to ensure business continuity in the face of Covid and lockdowns has heightened the urgency for institutions to accelerate their transition to digital. Flexible courses and assessments are now an imperative to both mitigate the disruption of student learning as well as meet new expectations around remote work and learning, which have now become the “new normal.”

Bjørn Rustberggaard, CEO and Founder of Inspera, commented: “CGE Partners investing in Inspera is a testament to the accelerating growth of e-assessments as well as Inspera's inclusive vision and leadership in this field. E-assessment services should meet all students, teachers and proctors where they are - both physically and figuratively - and where they are going. What excites me most about partnering with CGE Partners is the ability to accelerate our mission to re-invent educational assessment for the 21st century and further democratise education at a global scale, making sure that no students are left behind.”