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Interview with Peter Salzer, Global Knowledge

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An extended interview with Peter Salzer, Executive Chairman, Global Knowledge, discussing how GK has coped during the pandemic, about the global IT and business skills market and about GK's intention to merge with Skillsoft.

Peter Salzer, Global Knowledge, in discussion with Learning News
Peter Salzer, Global Knowledge, in discussion with Learning News 

In an extended interview with Learning News, Peter Salzer, Executive Chairman of Global Knowledge, explains Global Knowledge’s strategy and outlines fundamental shifts in the global learning market.

Peter explains what the upcoming merger with Skillsoft will mean for Global Knowledge’s customers - both organisations and individuals, its worldwide workforce of employees and instructors, and for its vendor partnerships such as Cisco, Microsoft and Amazon.

Peter Salzer: 

“The training industry is exploding. Training is not a discretionary budget anymore, it is literally a question of survival to maintain your operating rhythm and agility as an organisation. That's a fundamental change, that maybe not every organisation has realised fully yet and maybe those organisations will disappear.”

“Multi-modality training providers, with a true global footprint, are going to be the leaders in this industry; the look-and-feel, the content reconciles and the entire delivery mode also seamlessly integrates with the LMS of a large corporate customer. That is something only true global-scale companies will be able to achieve.”

“There is a need and accelerating trend in the training industry to be global, to be seamlessly intergated through all entry-level pricing and training content: an intergated offering across multiple corporate functions; IT, business skills, leadership, compliance..., on a truly global scale. That is going to be the winning formula going forward and the merger between Global Knowledge and Skillsoft is doing exactly that.”

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