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HR innovation drives post-pandemic organisational recovery

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Fosway's HR Realities Research 2021 is out along with its vendor 9-Grid™ for Talent & People Success. David Perring joins Learning News to discuss how HR is changing.


Innovation in HR is helping to drive recovery in organisations following the pandemic, according to new research from Fosway. It found that HR functions successfully rose to the challenge of supporting organisations despite all of the changes in working practices.

Fosway's 2021 HR Realties Research shows almost all HR teams faced change in the last 12 months. The pandemic has accelerated HR’s adoption of what might have been perceived as radical changes to HR policy in the past, but which are now seen as essential in the new world of work:

83% have accelerated a progressive approach to flexible working, 64% have accelerated their approach to personal wellbeing and 59% have to employees’ work-life balance. 62% expect their workforce will work less than two days a week in the office, cementing hybrid working for most people.

HR is also measuring success by more employee-centred metrics than before, such as employee advocacy, being an employer of choice, digital culture, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging and reduced employee turnover. 

HR teams face technology challenges that are hampering their ability to deliver change: 42% say their HR systems no longer meet their needs.

David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway is on Learning News to look at how HR is leading orgainsational change and to look at the vendors that supply the market. 

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