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Compliance learning: stakeholders, design, culture and the future

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Kineo's Andy Costello and Rory Lawson join Learning News to share their insights into compliance training following an in-depth study into this essential area of L&D.

Andy Costello and Rory Lawson from Kineo join Learning News to discuss compliance training
Andy Costello and Rory Lawson from Kineo join Learning News to discuss compliance training 

Compliance-based learning has never been as important. Organisations face more regulation and an increased risk of litigation, potential problems with consumer trust, if things go wrong.

In the past, compliance learning strategies have failed to inspire and often don't sit well with other, perhaps more exciting, learning programmes and new cultural directions that businesses are pursuing.

Research shows that workers find compliance training boring, yet they want to follow rules, so what can be done?

Kineo has completed a series of ten articles, supported by research and client input, into the state of compliance training and strategies to improve this essential area of learning and development. The series looks at balancing the needs of different stakeholders, design principles, building a culture of compliance, managing compliance and more.

The people behind the series, Andy Costello and Rory Lawson from Kineo, join Learning News in this feature interview to discuss the series, exlpain what they found out from their research and offer strategies to help those managing compliance learning programmes.

Compliance learning with Andy Costello and Rory Lawson from Kineo
Duration: 25 minutes

More information about complaince training strategies and links to articles and resources on Kineo's website: Compliance learning - Kineo's resources.

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