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Cloud HR market report - interview with David Wilson

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The new Fosway 9-Grid™ for Cloud HR is out and David Wilson joins Learning News to talk about how the market is evolving.


A new report out this month from Fosway shows how HR solutions vendors are adapting to the consequences of the pandemic. HR functions have new pressures on talent and skills from hybrid working, changes to supply chains and cross-border working and the increasing challenge to talent and skills posed by digitisation and climate change.

Fosway's new cloud HR report shows how HR software solutions are keeping pace and positions the leading vendors according to their performance, potential, size, cost of ownership and market segment trajectory.

In an in-depth, 30-minute interview with Learning News, Fosway's David Wilson explores the market, explaining the significant shifts.

Learning News editor, Rob Clarke, points out: “The cloud HR market is closely aligned to the L&D market and what happens here has consequences for L&D. The two markets are entwined, serviced by vendors increasingly active across both markets.”

“In my interview with David Wilson we explore the people experience of HR - a key driver for change in cloud HR solutions, cloud HR ecosystems, skills management in cloud HR systems, HR processes in the workflow, the emergence of wellbeing in core cloud HR functionality and employment mobility.”

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