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Adjusting to hybrid working - interview with Pam Hamilton, author of Supercharged Teams

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Hybrid working is about to impact almost every organisation, but how well prepared is business? How will managers and teams adapt to new, more agile ways of working?


Whether you’re an employee or a manager, we are all likely to find ourselves in a hybrid working situation: remote some of the time and face-to-face at other times. 

As well as advantages, hybrid working has potential pitfalls: how well will we adjust to new, more agile working practices, new digital technology and applications and new face-to-face dynamics?

Pam Hamilton is the author of Supercharged Teams: 30 Tools of Great Teamwork and has developed ways to bring people and organisations together to solve complex issues. 

To explore hybrid working and the challenges it brings, Learning News caught up with Pam ahead of her conference session with Sponge at LTDX21 on 29 June.

Join Pam's session with Sponge at LTDX21.

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