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360Learning raises $200M; plans to 'reboot' corporate learning

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360Learning has received a $200 million investment from three different investors and defines mission to reimagine corporate learning.

Nick Hernadez, CEO, 360Learning
Nick Hernadez, CEO, 360Learning 

360Learning a pioneer of 'collaborative learning' where employees share knowledge and expertise and learn from one-another, has raised $200 million investment from three investors: Sumeru, SoftBank and Silver Lake Waterman. 

The investment will be used to create 250 new jobs in the next 12 months, accelerate its expansion in Asia, Europe and North and South America, invest in mergers and acquisitions and speed up its technology and AI developments. 360Learning's mission is to build the world's number one corporate learning platform.

The company wants to to help transform the learning market, which, according to its CEO Nick Hernandez, needs a reboot. ‘Companies have been using ineffective learning techniques for years, based on a top-down culture that stifles talent. But these approaches, which were getting by in the past, aren’t going to fly with today’s more demanding workforce. Yet employers are still stuck in a bad relationship with ineffective skill maps, decades-long career paths, reskilling plans that dehumanize employees and “netflix of learning portals” that simply don’t work.’

The company points to a methodology it calls collaborative learning, a bottom-up approach where employees learn from each other, aiming to make learning easier and more engaging.

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