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Putting learning into the workflow

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Learning Pool CEO, Paul McElvaney, talks to Learning News about Learning Pool’s new learning experience platform, Headstream, and how AI and bots are helping to get learning into the workflow.

Paul McElvaney setting out Learning Pool’s priorities in 2019
Paul McElvaney setting out Learning Pool’s priorities in 2019 

Learning Pool CEO, Paul McElvaney was at Learning Technologies last month and Learning News took the opportunity to find out all about what Learning Pool is up to in 2019. 

Paul McElvaney spoke about the introduction of Headstream, Learning Pool’s new learning experience platform and Learning Pool’s response to customers asking for ways to turn learning content into performance support and learning in the workflow, which Learning Pool is enabling with artificial intelligence.

He spoke about how Learning Pool is using its bot technology, a personal learning assistant called Otto, to reduce friction between learners and learning content, aiming to make it easier for learners to access learning in the workflow.

McElvaney said: “The integration of AI and chatbots is a fundamental trend that's going to continue. It's a different mindset to adopt's been well established in the consumer world and it's coming to the learning world.”

“We're working more closley with customers than we ever have, to not just switch the technology on, but to implement it, embed it and stay with the customer to deliver long-term future value.”