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Magical content - interview with Rebecca Trigg, Acteon

LondonLearning News

Rebecca Trigg talks about how Acteon’s joint innovation with its clients and close client partnerships creates great learning results.


At the recent Learning Technologies Summer Forum in London Learning News asked Rebecca Trigg from Acteon, a specialist learning design and communications agency, about her approach to working with clients. 

Rebecca's focus is firmly on building close working partnerships between the agency and its clients.

Rebecca explains that Acteon helps to create the right creative conditions for client partnerships to flourish by running creative workshops at the outset with both the client’s L&D contacts and the end learners. And it provides Acteon Lab, a forum for innovation and new ideas for learning interventions, which are tested with small groups before being scaled up to the wider workforce.

During the event Rebecca hosted a session on creating learning content that meets the needs of learners, first and foremost, as ‘humans’. Its message was to embrace being human and create learning that delights and really matters to people: “As humans we are pre-programmed to laugh, we like puzzels and songs, we like to hear our own name, many things that the marketing and advertising worlds know loads about and we are taking some of those techniques into creating learning,” explains Rebecca Trigg. 

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